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I'm taking Gentoo off my laptop and pc because I'm really freaked out that the founder of Gentoo, Daniel Robbins, has taken a job with Microsoft! I guess Microsoft doesn't care about not being evil, and they will do whatever to crush the competition. I only hope that they port emerge to Longhorn and have stage4 installation that takes 10 days to install. In the meantime, I'm putting back slackware everywhere.

Howard Dean strikes again! The guy keeps saying stuff that is highly offensive about the republicans. Some of what he says is true, but he doesn't speak very diplomatically. Also, Howard Dean is giving the GOP a great chance to say democrats have no vision and offer nothing but obstruction and bad mouthing instead of real plans for our country. The worse things get, the more I wish Bill Clinton was still in office.

Page last modified: June 15, 2005